How to get to the Preikestolen path?


To get to Preikestolen by public transport, you follow two simple steps:  

1. Take the ferry from Stavanger (Fiskepiren) to Tau. Runs about every 40 minutes, with 40 minutes crossing time.

2. When you get to Tau, take the bus to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge, ca 45 minutes.                                               

Your ticket has an open return, so you can take the bus back to the ferry dock whenever you're ready! 

Find more information under Transport, with links to the transport providers.


If you are driving your own car or bike to Preikestolen, you have two options:                                                                                   You can take the ferry from Stavanger to Tau, and follow Rv13 towards Preikestolveien and Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.

- Or you can follow road E39 towards Sandnes until you see a sign towards Lauvvik. Continue until you reach the ferry, and take it to Oanes. Follow the signs towards Preikestolen.

Travelling times from Stavanger for the two options are about the same, but the Lauvvik-Oanes option is the obvious choice if you start your trip in Sandnes or further south.


Several operators can offer combination trips that let you combine the Preikestolen trek with a cruise on the fjord.

Find more informastion under Transport