how to get to the kjerag trailhead?


During the three summer months there are daily bus departures from Stavanger to Kjerag. See the main Transport page for links to the bus service providers. 


Want a more scenic tour? Would you like to stay a little longer? There are two options. A high speed ferry serves the route from Stavanger/Lauvvik to Lysebotn.  There is also a regular ferry between Lauvvik and Lysebotn.

From Lysebotn you can walk or hire a taxi to take you up the twisted road to Øygardstøl. Enquire at the Lysefjorden Tourist Lodge for details.

Car or bike

Don't want to start as early as the bus does? It's not a problem driving your own car to the starting point of the Kjerag hike, or why not make a grand tour and bring your bike?    

1. Follow road E39 from Stavanger/Sandnes towards Kristiansand 2. Turn left towards Sirdal                 
3. Follow the directions to Lysebotn 
4. Park at Øygardstøl