Ferry from Stavanger to Tau ( Operated by Norled. For onwards bus connections to Preikestolen Mountain lodge

Ferry and hike to Preikestolen (operated by Go Fjords) 

Ferry/Bus to Preikestolen (operated by Boreal)

Cruise and hike to  Prekestolen. (operated by Rødne)

Pelles Minibus drives between  Preikestolen Mountain Lodge, Forsand, Oanes and Jørpeland. Norwegian version onlyPreikestolbussen

Taxi from Tau ferry dock to Preikestolen: 

Phone: + 47 975 26 609


Bus and hike to Kjerag. (operated by Tide)

Between Øygardstøl (Kjerag) to Lysebotn

SBK Base runs a shuttle service. It also serves the northbound route on the Lysefjorden Circuit, as well as to the Nilsebu Tourist Cabin.


Both the tourist ferry (The Fjords) and the high speed ferry (Kolumbus) docks at Flørli, see the section Multi-Day hikes.


Bus from Preikestolen to Trolltunga (NB! Depature from Preikestolen Mountain Lodge)

Multi-Day Hikes 

Ferry Lauvvik-Songesand-Flørli-Lysebotn ​​​​​​​(operated by The Fjords)

High speed ferry Stavanger/Lauvvik-Flørli-Lysebotn with multiple stops at all quays along the fjord

(operated by Kolumbus)

Taxi Lysebotn call + 984 44 159

Bus to Lauvik 

From Forsand to Vinddalen (the starting point for Lysefjorden Circut) you can order a taxi by calling tlf. + 47 47 50 60 50. 

Taxi can also be ordred from  Strand taxi + 47 51 74 64 11.

Touristinformation Forsand: + 47 51 70 36 60

Local buses Tau - Jørpeland - Forsand


Local bus from Sandnes to the ferry dock at Lauvvik kai, the best option is to use the Kolumbus travel planner.


There are reports of travellers stranded along the fjord due to failures with the booking system, or after missing their pre-booked departures. In such cases the ferries may be contacted directly by phone:     

 Tourist ferry + 47 41 53 63 98.     High speed ferry +47 48017240.                  

These numbers should be used in emergencies only.