preikestolen hike

Norwegian fjord. Nepalese trail. World class vista. The hike to Preikestolen may leave you stunned for life.

The hike

There is only one way to get to Preikestolen. By foot.


Zip-line, canoe, kayak, SUP, rock climbing, abseiling, cooking and more!

Food & drink

There's a restaurant and a basic kiosk at the parking lot where the hike starts.


By bus and ferry or by car - it`s easy to arrive the start of your adventure.


From basic dorms to high class suites. Preikestolen Mountain Lodge got it all!

Photo gallery

Check out other hikers experiences from Preikestolen and the mountain lodge

Most people are fumbling for words when they are describing their experience, but here is one of the most well-described descriptions from travel writer Andrew Evans in the National Geographic Traveler:

The very extreme edge of Preikestolen looks hand-chiseled, a right-angled granite cube suspended 1.800 ft (604 meters) over Lysefjord. When I reach the top, my primate instincts take over, freezing my boots to the rock. In my mind, I scold the happy fools who sit along the edge, dangling their feet over the unforgiving cliff, absorbing the dizzy view of cold water a thousand feet below. Preikestolen is Norway's travel poster moment. This country has no Coliseum or Eiffel Tower-no, Norway's greatest monument is made by nature: an ice-cracked stone that carved out the near perfect block of rock, offering a heavenly perch for anyone daring enough to stand on top. Andrew Evans