accommodation at Flørli

If you have fallen in love with the beautiful scenery at Flørli, you don't have to go back home. There are several opportunities to stay an extra night or two in the charming village!

Flørli Turiststasjon

This cabin has 27 beds, and is especially designed for families with children, including a playroom. The cottage is also a good starting point for anyone who likes to climb stairs.


The standard is basic, but fully equipped and with a kitchen, bath and electricity.

On the top of the stairs you can either go for a long roundtrip or take the shorter way Rallarstien to Flørlistølen. The shortest path is from Flørli Turiststasjon.

Flørli 4.444 have mountes a 12 person military yurt with wood ovens as well as a 16-person laptent with wooden platform, benches and fireplace.