Lysefjordhikes.com offers updated information about all aspects of your adventure travel to Lysefjorden. 

Lysefjordhikes.com is maintained by Stavanger Turistforening, a regional membership club, associated with the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). 

Lysefjordhikes.com is designed to inform and prepare you for a unique Norwegian hiking experience in a terrain packed with world class vistas. If you do venture beyond the beaten track, you will leave the crowds behind and you will be rewarded by a authentic nature experience unlike no other!

Lysefjordhikes.com is part of our bold ambition: To develop Lysefjorden into a complete destination for world class         multi-day hikes. 

Stavanger Trekking Association collaborates with several regional tourism boards regarding the development of Lysefjorden, mainly the Stavanger regionReisemål Ryfylke and Lysefjorden UtviklingNCE Tourism Norway is also an important partner.

More information about activites, accomodation and transport in Ryfylke and the Stavanger region:

Lysefjordhikes is one of several iconic long-haul hikes promoted by DNT as SignaTour.

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